Hello and Assalamualaikum people.

I decided to blog about my birthday because 3 days ago I was having a life/mental/emotional  breakdown. I was crying to Mia talking about my life. Oh before that, I broke up with the guy that I really love (yes the one in my previous post) because he's not muslim and he doesn't want to convert, so I don't want to waste my time anymore. End of story. 
And that is one of the reason why I didn't feel excited to celebrate my birthday this year. Because, you know birthday is kind of a big deal for me. This is the first time in my life that I don't have a boyfriend on my birthday. That means, no special dinner, no special present, no surprises no flowers which i  used to receive every f year for the past 10 years. Masa kecik kecik tu tak payah kira lah -..- Other than that, my friends in KL also will celebrate me. Its like, I'm the queen of the day you know. Like we'll dress up and go to a fancy restaurant, and they all will sing happ…

Angry Mimee

Hello guys. I know I promised you guys to update my blog (surprisingly I received few emails and dms asking me to update my blog, I got followers guyss yey hahah) but I’ve been very busy and lazy past few months. I don’t even blog about my trip to London, France, Bali and Koh Lipe. You know,  you will need to have mood to start writing. You can’t just open your computer and start typing when you dont really feel like want to blog. So tonight, I’m feeling a bit emotional. I hope writting will make me feel better. 

I don’t really share about my personal life in social media. I don’t post about my work, I don’t post about my relationship, i don’t post about my family. Well, I did sometimes. But very very seldom. But since I'm feeling so down tonight, I'm gonna open up a liltte bit. 

Eventho most of my instagram post are my pictures with Mia, and some of the pictures are a bit too much like holding hands, kiss on the cheek,  I'm very proud to announce that we are not a lesbian c…

Practice Makes Perfect

Hello and Assalamualaikum people. 

I just reached home after lepak with Mia, Maria, Bad, and this one guy from Spain, Javi. Its always nice to get to know new people. You get to know how their life is and how are they surviving and then realize that your life is not so bad after all.  In fact, it is not bad at all. 

So today im gonna write about how I practice my english. Because I know a lot of people out there who really want to learn and speak english fluently but they dont practice or like in my case last time, I dont practice and I dont have confidence to speak english. And trust me my english is far from perfect now. Its still very bad but I can say its improving as time goes by. 

So, when I was in KL, I didn't speak english. I didn't really practice english because all my friends are malay. Even my boss is malay and my work doesnt require me to speak english very much. We kinda use to communicate in bahasa. I remember my ex boyfriend's boss at that time was a Canadian.…

Move to JB


Okay I am home now and I'm ready to blog. 

For those who not know me very well, I used to live in KL for almost 8 years. I mean Selangor and KL because I did my diploma and half of my degree in Shah Alam and then I started working in Sri Hartamas for 5 years. 

Everything was okay life and career were going well, I can say that I had quite a stable life in KL. And then something bad happened and I decided to quit my job and start a new life. I didnt have a job for almost two months. God knows how struggle I was at that time. 

First two weeks, I wasted my time with crying. I woke up, I cried. Before I slept, I cried. My life was so miserable and full of tears. LOL but not once did I regret what was happening to me. Not once. After two weeks I decided to stop crying and get up and be rational. I need to find a job. I told myself. And I did. I applied for thousands of applications, i went to hundreds of interviews. And finally, god answered me. I'd like to share this phrase wi…

New blog. Again.

I believe no one has read my blog since I created this account few months ago. But Im still gonna be polite ofcourse. Im always polite to people (except when Im in a bossy mood - mia. What the hell Mia Im always nice to her fyi) Polite is like my middle name, Mimee Polite Shafina. 

So, hello guys/ghost. How are you doing? 
Me? Life has been great thats why I decided to write it in a blog so my future sons and daugthers can read my blog to know how awesome their mother is. KAH! #imjoking
To my new reader (as if I have any), I used to write a blog when I was in university. I updated my blog almost everyday. But I was very open about my relationship last time (big mistake not gonna happen again in this blog LOL) so when I broke up ofcourse I deleted my blog because to delete thousand entries one by one is damn complicated so I decided to just delete my account. 
But here I am again with a new account, new blog because I loveeeee to write. Im just gonna have to be very careful about what I wr…


I want to test only